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Relevate is founded on the belief that there is a better way to build construction. We offer innovative consulting services to owners, project teams and contractors to help them transform the way they buy, manage, and coordinate construction.

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Client Successes

Read what some of our clients say about us


Conversation was quite productive today; good energy and humor. It felt like participants are much more engaged. You have a good relationship with key participants. The visual ‘sandbox’ worked well to keep them on track.

Senior Mobilizer and Coach


Thatiany, Project Manager is very organized, focused and always willing to help!

Project Engineer


“…I would recommend… having an insight into CbM – the more we get this language out there, the less frustration for everyone!…”

Dispatch leader


“…The feedback on the Team leader and mobiliser course is very good… It has given them the coaching and mental space to get out of the mood of defeated”… “My view is that this course has been highly successful…”

Transformation Team, Band C


When I first learned of a Lean Consultant who was coming to the project to help us learn about Last Planner and Lean construction and was going to teach us how to do pull planning and daily huddles I was skeptical to say the least. Our project had been struggling to keep a date on the schedule due to multiple rain days and our electrical contractor defaulting on the project. The Project Director Mike Walsh reached out to Mike Trulove and invited him to the project. Mike spent the better part of the week learning about the project, helping me and other members of our team learn about the process of Last Planner, Weekly Work Plans and daily huddles. Mike even ran one of our daily huddles so we could get the feel of how to run one and how to be successful. I was pleasantly surprised when Mike arrived at the site. He was very friendly to all. Helped put everyone at ease, taught us sound principles based on lean construction and even provided a nice template for us to use. Mike worked diligently with the team and our trade partners to ensure we had a good knowledge of the process. Mike also came back to the site for a second visit after a week or two had gone by to follow us and make any course correction that may have been needed. I genuinely felt like Mike was my friend during this process and learned a great deal from him. We have been using this process for several weeks now and the entire team has been following the process and finding it a very big help. I can honestly say that this process has been a major asset to the project, and we have been getting better at it as we go on. The process is something you have to learn by trial and error, but Mike’s way of teaching helped me greatly to learn and understand how the process works. I have been a superintendent for the past 26 years and I felt like this was something I wanted to learn and put the effort in to learn it. Mike was instrumental in helping me learn. I would recommend Mike Trulove to anyone. He has a can-do attitude and will be glad to help any project. Whether you are having success or struggling on your project Mike can help you just as he did.

Project Superintendent