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Supply Chain Lessons From TP

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Supply Chain Lessons From TP

We can debate the merits of the efforts to reduce exposure to the coronavirus. We may never completely understand the risk nor the effectiveness of the efforts. One thing there isn’t much debate about is this has caused a certain amount of panic. We see it in oil and stock prices, cancelled events, AND a lack of toilet paper. The exact reason alludes me but there is a run on toilet paper in the US. This last weekend, two super stores with some of the industry’s most advanced supply chain management capabilities were completely out of toilet paper, paper towels, etc (Costco and Target). Toilet paper is likely not the last product that will face supply (and/or demand) disruptions from the coronavirus.

I just finished reading Gen. Mattis’s book, Call Sign Chaos. In it he describes how he and his team anticipated the risk caused by having all supplies supporting US personnel in Afghanistan enter through Pakistan. They put a plan together for alternate routes. Sometime later, Pakistan cut off access to the routes as the result of a dispute with the US. Based on Mattis’s team’s foresight and effort, there was no disruption from the dispute.

Are you planning on disruptions? If you aren’t, you should be. Are you being disrupted and need a mitigation strategy? If you aren’t sure what to do, we can help. Relevate’s supply chain practice is based on two of the leading minds in the industry: JoAnn Lopez and Carolina Cury. It is built around best practices in two hyper-competitive industries: high tech manufacturing and automotive. We also can help you re-plan your construction around current or future supply chain disruptions to minimize the impact.

One thing I am certain of is that this won’t last forever. It is important to remember that. It is also important to move aggressively to protect your supply chain. There will be disruptions. This is also an opportunity to build new practices that will improve now and into the future.